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Discover a vibrant sense of community at our institution, where student engagement is paramount. Join a diverse community of artists and cultivate lasting friendships through various opportunities. From social activities and support services to student-led clubs and academic mentorship, we strive to foster an inclusive campus environment that encourages student success and embodies a spirit of collaboration and support.

Student Council

The CG BUGS Student Council serves as a bridge between the student community and the administration, consisting of dedicated student leaders. A voluntary and student-run initiative, the council meets regularly with a staff advisor to plan events, enhance the student experience, and collaborate on various projects. Connecting with the general student body during ‘Coffee with Council’ sessions each quarter, the Student Council welcomes inquiries and engagement, fostering a dynamic campus environment. For more information, reach out to Student Affairs.

Student Orientation

Before commencing their full-time program at CG BUGS, accepted students are required to attend a comprehensive orientation session. Students receive materials in advance, including the CG BUGS Student Catalog and disclosures, which are reviewed during the session. Orientation offers an overview of policies, procedures, and successful matriculation criteria, acquainting students with the campus, staff, and peers. Staff members clarify offices’ roles, provide student assistance information, and outline students’ rights and responsibilities. The CGBUGS Student Catalog is distributed during the orientation for reference.

Student Assembly

CG BUGS organizes all-student assemblies on the stage as needed. During these sessions, students enjoy lunch, engage with education, staff, and faculty, connect with peers, discuss on- and off-campus activities, and receive crucial updates related to their programs.

Campus Activities

CG BUGS’ green screen stage frequently hosts inspiring and educational activities featuring some of the entertainment industry’s most talented artists. Whether it’s a making-of feature showcasing the latest VFX techniques of blockbuster films and triple-A games to paneled discussions with industry leaders and award winners, activities are a valuable experience for students and professionals alike. Attended by students, alumni, industry artists, recruiters, producers, and enthusiasts, every activity offers a chance to network, create new opportunities, and build relationships.

Campus Activites

At CGBUGS, the Academic Mentoring Center (AMC) is a valuable resource providing comprehensive support, including academic advisement, tutoring, and career guidance. Staffed by experienced faculty, AMC advocates for student success. The Library & Learning Resource Center enriches students’ educational pursuits with a wide array of art books, reference materials, and online resources, easily accessible through the Student Portal. For art supplies, merchandise, and works by CGBUGS-affiliated artists, students can visit the CGBUGS Student Store, open on specific days. Additionally, enrolled students benefit from full-access subscriptions to the Gnomon Workshop, offering an extensive library of online educational videos led by professional artists, covering various tools, software, and media. CGBUGS is committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment for students to thrive in their academic and artistic journeys.

Understanding the importance of student housing, CGBUGS encourages students to explore diverse housing options months before their anticipated move-in date. Living in a community of like-minded peers enhances the transformative college experience, fostering valuable connections crucial for both career preparation and lifelong relationships. Refer to our comprehensive Housing & Visitor’s Guide for detailed information.
Financial Literacy:

The Office of Financial Aid at CGBUGS conducts quarterly workshops focusing on promoting financial literacy. These sessions cover essential topics such as managing bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, fraud prevention, taxes, and more. The aim is to equip students with the necessary information and skills to be financially proficient, both before and after graduation.
Disability Services:

The Office of Student Affairs at CGBUGS is committed to providing assistance and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, in compliance with state and federal laws.. Prospective and current students are encouraged to engage in an interactive process to determine and receive appropriate accommodations. For more information on CGBUGS policies, please contact Punam Kadhane Director Of Admission/Student Services Manager, +91 2425297278 / 7737707710 or via email at [email protected].

Health Insurance Mandate:

All CGBUGS students are mandated by Indian law to have health insuranc. Ensure “minimal essential coverage” (MEC) or qualify for an exemption. International students seeking insurance options should contact Student Affairs or visit Healthcare.gov.

Remote Student Counselor:

CGBUGS offers virtual counseling services for program students. The School Counselor, a licensed psychotherapist, conducts confidential online appointments during regular school hours. Students can discuss personal concerns, stress management, crisis intervention, and receive referrals to external resources.

Title IX Committee:

Committed to a discrimination-free environment, CGBUGS addresses sexual harassment, assault, and violence through Title IX compliance. Policies, education, and procedures are in place for reporting and resolving complaints of sexual misconduct, ensuring a safe and equitable campus. For more information, contact [email protected]


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