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CGBUGS is dedicated to launching graduates into dream careers. With industry-relevant training, our graduates excel in current production pipelines, ready to make an impact in their fields from day one.


  • Professional career counseling
  • Advisement on reels, resumes, and portfolios
  • Guidance in researching openings at companies
  • Referrals for available positions
  • Introductions to individuals and companies in the industry
  • Employer job fairs

At CG BUGS, our Placement Office is dedicated to supporting all program students and alumni in their career journeys. Providing highly personalized assistance, our Placement Advisors engage in one-on-one interactions to guide students on specific career paths within the entertainment industry. We are pleased to help students taking courses to enhance their professional development, ensuring they meet production standards. For the latest placement statistics or more information, feel free to reach out to our Placement & Alumni Engagement office.

At CG BUGS, our Placement & Alumni Engagement Office facilitates direct connections between recent graduates and industry leaders through scheduled Career Development Events (CDEV). These events, held both on-campus and virtually, offer insights into opportunities at video game developers, film/television studios, and content creators. During CDEVs, employers exclusively meet with graduates, providing critiques, formal written assessments of CGBUGS curricula, and insights into new technologies and industry trends. Graduates gain regular communication channels with the Placement & Alumni Engagement Office and fellow graduates for career guidance, learning effective job search techniques, crafting application materials, building demo reels, and mastering confident interviews with recruiters. The platform extends to various employment sectors, including advertising, design, and virtual reality.

Elevate your skills with our Master Class—an immersive learning experience tailored for those seeking mastery in their craft. Led by industry experts, these intensive sessions delve into advanced techniques, insider insights, and hands-on exercises, providing a unique opportunity to refine expertise and unleash creative potential. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, our Master Classes offer a transformative journey towards excellence in your chosen field. Join us for an unparalleled learning adventure where skill meets innovation.

Chart your professional path with CGBUGS’ career development programs. Tailored for success, our initiatives provide a strategic roadmap for aspiring individuals. With personalized guidance, industry insights, and practical skills, participants gain a competitive edge in their career pursuits. Whether you’re taking your first steps or aiming for career advancement, CGBUGS is your partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of professional growth. Join us to shape a successful and fulfilling career journey.


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