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Explore our campus and cutting-edge facilities tailored for an enriching learning environment. From modern classrooms to collaborative spaces, our resources support academic growth and community engagement, ensuring a vibrant educational experience.

Computer Labs

At CG BUGS, our campus boasts 9 purpose-built computer labs, each equipped with production-level computers tailored to handle modern software and the demanding workloads of current production pipelines. We prioritize continuous updates to workstations and software, ensuring students have access to the latest production applications, aligning with industry standards.

Lectures Room

Step into our lecture rooms at CG BUGS, meticulously designed for immersive learning experiences. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these rooms foster a dynamic environment where students engage with industry-relevant content delivered by experienced faculty. Elevate your education in purpose-built spaces that inspire creativity and collaboration

Green Screen Studio

At CG BUGS, serves as a dynamic space for student personal projects and hosts various educational events, including artist panels, software user group meetings, and figure drawing workshops. This multi-function venue provides an inspiring environment for both individual creativity and diverse educational activities.

Common Areas

CG BUGS’ campus offers diverse spaces for student relaxation, from lounges to a rooftop garden. These common areas feature comfortable furniture, TVs, student kitchens, vending machines, classic arcade games, and more, creating a welcoming environment for students to unwind between classes.


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