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Upon completing the CG BUGS Full-Time Program, individuals emerge as accomplished professionals, equipped with extensive knowledge and refined production skills. With a robust foundation in the production pipeline and industry-specific expertise, they are well-prepared for success in their respective careers.

3D Generalist

Study all facets of 3D production, establishing a solid visual art foundation. Customize your learning with elective courses for focused, in-depth studies.

Modeling & Texturing

Develop a deep understanding of form, texture, and detail, studying the process of asset creation for 3D features and games.

Character Artist

Gain expertise in animation essentials, software techniques, and acting skills to bring characters and creatures to life with captivating performances.

Environment Artist

Environment Artists craft immersive digital worlds, seamlessly blending creativity and technical skill to evoke unique atmospheres and visual storytelling.


Master the technical intricacies of skeletal structures as a Rigging TD, bringing precision and life to digital characters with specialized training.

Texture Artist

Refine your skills as a Texture Artist, mastering the art of bringing surfaces to life with intricate details and vibrant colors for impactful digital creations.

VFX Animator

Examine the processes of creating and manipulating imagery outside live-action shots. Explore the integration of background plates or matte paintings with 3D assets like architecture, characters, or elements.

Gameplay Animator

Infuse vitality into interactive experiences, orchestrating dynamic movements to enhance player immersion and engagement in gaming worlds.

Lighting Artist

Skillfully sculpt digital atmospheres, using light and shadow to enhance mood, realism, and visual impact in digital scenes.

FX Artist

Explore cinematic magic with our FX artist. Captivating simulations and breathtaking effects bring your project to life. For inquiries and collaborations, connect with us to turn imagination into reality.

3D Compositing Artist

In the realm of 3D Compositing, seamlessly blend digital elements to create a harmonious and compelling final image or scene, bringing together various visual components for a cohesive result.

Storyboard Artist

Storyboarding is the visual script of storytelling, guiding the creative process by illustrating the sequential flow of scenes, essential for shaping the narrative direction of a project.

Character Designer

Shape distinctive characters with a blend of creativity and narrative depth as a Character Designer, merging artistry and storytelling to create compelling visual stories.

2D Animator

Bring illustrations to life with frame-by-frame mastery as a 2D Animator.

Matte Paint Artist

Transform scenes into immersive landscapes as a Background Painter, skillfully applying color and detail to evoke mood and enhance visual storytelling.

VFX Supervisor

Guide the flawless integration of visual effects in productions as a VFX Supervisor, harmonizing creativity and technical prowess for compelling storytelling.

Compositing Artist

Blend digital elements with finesse as a Compositing Artist, creating a polished and captivating final image through seamless integration.

Paint Artist

Experience the magic of our paint artist, crafting vibrant masterpieces that tell unique stories. Dive into a world of creativity and color, where each stroke is a deliberate expression. Explore the gallery and connect with us for a personalized artistic journey.

VFX Artist

Create mesmerizing visual effects using digital expertise, seamlessly blending imagination with reality to enhance the visual storytelling experience.

Roto Artist

Roto Artists intricately trace and isolate elements frame by frame, seamlessly blending live-action footage with CGI in the world of visual effects.

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