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Explore our individual courses, each crafted for specialized learning experiences. Dive into subjects tailored to your interests, guided by experienced instructors. Elevate your skills and knowledge in a focused, dynamic learning environment.

2D Animation ( 1 Year Program )

Discover 2D Animation with our courses. Capture appealing performances, hone software techniques, and bring illustrations to life with hands-on training. Master visual storytelling in the dynamic realm of 2D animation at CG BUGS.

3D Animation ( 1 Year Program )

Master 3D Animation with us. Blend creativity and technical skills to bring captivating characters and narratives to life. Achieve compelling storytelling in the dynamic realm of three-dimensional animation at CG BUGS.

VFX ( 1 Year Program )

Discover VFX magic in our courses, merging technical expertise with creative innovation to transform scenes into extraordinary cinematic experiences at CG BUGS.

Graphic Design ( 1 Year Program )

Explore Graphic Design with us. Acquire essential visual communication skills, shaping impactful designs from concept to execution. Master the art of creating compelling visuals at CG BUGS.

Game Art Design ( 1 Year Program )

Immerse in Game Art Design with us. Master the fusion of creativity and technical skills for immersive gaming experiences. Navigate game design intricacies on your path to becoming a skilled professional in the dynamic gaming industry at CG BUGS.

Video Editing ( 1 Year Program )

Refine your storytelling skills with our Video Editing courses. Seamlessly blend creativity and technical expertise to bring your visions to the screen. Hone your craft and master the art of visual storytelling at CG BUGS.

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