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Discover a vibrant sense of community at our institution, where student engagement is paramount. Join a diverse community of artists and cultivate lasting friendships through various opportunities. From social activities and support services to student-led clubs and academic mentorship, we strive to foster an inclusive campus environment that encourages student success and embodies a spirit of collaboration and support.

Halloween Celebration

CG Bugs School had a fantastic Halloween celebration! The school was decorated with cobwebs and pumpkins, creating a spooky atmosphere. Students and staff dressed up in creative costumes, and a costume parade showcased the best outfits.

Activities included a haunted house, themed games, and crafts like mask-making and pumpkin decorating. The cafeteria served special Halloween treats, and an outdoor trick-or-treating event allowed students to collect candy from different stations.

Ganesha Making

CG Bugs School hosted an exciting Ganesha making competition. Students showcased their creativity by crafting beautiful and imaginative Ganesha idols using eco-friendly materials. The event encouraged artistic expression and celebrated cultural traditions. Prizes were awarded for the most innovative and well-crafted idols. It was a wonderful day of creativity and cultural appreciation.


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