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Vishal, a visionary Internet Entrepreneur hailing from India, has carved a unique and inspiring path in the world of content creation and digital marketing. As the Founder of CG BUGS Animation Studio, he is celebrated as one of the foremost content creators in the country, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.
But Vishal’s journey extends beyond content creation. He is a dedicated educator, leading the way in fostering the next generation of talent through his CG BUGS School of 3D Animation, Games & Visual Effects. His passion for nurturing creativity doesn’t stop there; he also heads his own marketing company, DG BUGS Network, where his talented team provides digital marketing services to businesses of all types, propelling them into the digital age.

A true visionary, Vishal is not content with just his own success. He’s a serial entrepreneur with a philanthropic twist, having funded a groundbreaking startup called Creator Stations. This innovative platform brings content creators together to collaborate and create content for online platforms, fostering a sense of community and creativity in the digital realm.

One of Vishal’s primary missions is to cultivate and nurture Indian artists, particularly those hailing from rural areas. His dream is to produce animated movies and animation content right within India, showcasing the incredible talent that often goes untapped. To kickstart this vision, he established his first school in Sangamner, setting the stage for aspiring artists to realize their dreams.

Vishal’s journey as an Internet Entrepreneur, content creator, educator, and philanthropist reflects a man of remarkable vision, commitment, and innovation. Through CG BUGS Animation Studio, CG BUGS School of 3D Animation, Games & Visual Effects, DG BUGS Network, and Creator Stations, he continues to shape the future of content creation, digital marketing, and the animation industry in India.


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