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Cinesite Launches Immersive Division, Partners with Frameless

VFX and animation company Cinesite has recently announced a strategic partnership with the UK-based multi-sensory art experience creator, Frameless. This collaboration coincides with the launch of Cinesite’s immersive division.

After months of joint effort, the two entities have successfully brought to life two artworks for the first time, offering visitors a fully immersive experience in the essence of these masterpieces.

Cinesite London’s general manager, Joce Capper, remarked, “With the immersive entertainment industry valued at more than £45.7 billion in 2020 and growing rapidly, Cinesite is expertly positioned to collaborate with creative IP owners and brands, enhancing the impact of their imagined worlds.”

The first piece introduced to the Frameless experience is a Rembrandt seascape, now featured in Frameless’ largest gallery, The World Around Us. The companies detailed their approach, stating, “Creating convincing real-world FX was vital to convey the power of the storm. Simulation techniques were utilized to create controllable open water – wave height, frequency, fine spray, and run-off. Haze passes were added to backlight the water and spray.” The second artwork, Monet’s Boat on the Seine near Jeufosse, was animated by Cinesite’s team of animators and FX artists. From the rippling water and paddling of the oars to the light shimmering on the water and butterflies fluttering across the meadows, the team aimed to faithfully recreate the serene scene from the Seine, capturing the essence of the artist’s vision.

Frameless’ creative director, Ryan Atwood, shared his excitement, stating, “As one of Monet’s lesser-known pieces, this artwork has always been for me a really underrated piece, and one that has rarely been spoken about, so we knew we’d be introducing many of our visitors to it for the first time.” He added, “We’ve been obsessing about retaining the nuances of the original from the serenity of the landscape to the incredible lighting effect that Monet achieved with his brushstrokes, all working together to provide a rare moment of reflection in an often-chaotic world.”

Richard Relton, Frameless’ creative CEO, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Working with Cinesite gives us the opportunity to take Frameless London to the next level, working with world-class masters of effects and plugging them into our space.” He emphasized the importance of enhancing storytelling capabilities and emotional connections with the artworks, adding, “The results are spectacular and this is just the start of what is an extremely exciting phase for Frameless, enabling us to take Hollywood-style effects into the world of art.”

Cinesite is currently in discussions with other creative IP owners and brands, aiming to elevate the impact of its imagined worlds across various platforms, including virtual, physical, and mixed realities, as well as location-based entertainment and theme park rides and attractions.

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