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Unlocking Creativity: Exploring Today’s Trending Animation Techniques”

Introduction: Welcome to a journey of creativity and innovation in the world of animation! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the latest and most trending animation techniques that are shaping the industry today. And what better place to explore these techniques than at CG Bugs Animation School, nestled in the heart of Sangamner, Maharashtra. […]

Delving into Graphic Design: A Novice’s Roadmap to Unleashing Creativity

Graphic design is an enthralling field that intertwines artistry, creativity, and communication. Whether your passion lies in crafting logos, posters, websites, or social media graphics, it promises an exhilarating journey. In this blog post, we’ll furnish a beginner’s guide to graphic design, encompassing crucial concepts, tools, and resources to ignite your creative pursuits. Understanding the […]

Cutting-edge Animation Tools for Emerging Artists

The animation industry is in a constant state of evolution, and for young creatives aiming to carve out their niche in this dynamic field, keeping abreast of the latest tools and software is paramount. As technology progresses, animation becomes increasingly accessible, versatile, and captivating. Let’s delve into some of the most recent and exciting tools […]

Screen Ireland expands national talent academy network for VFX training

Screen Ireland has recently unveiled plans to expand its National Talent Academy Network, with Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet (CCIS) leading the charge in establishing the new National Talent Academy for VFX. This move is part of Screen Ireland’s broader initiative to nurture a skilled and diverse talent pool across the country’s screen industry. Colman […]


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